Maries-Skala Marion © Daniel Dutka

Maries-Skala Marion

The village of Maries is one of the oldest ones in Thassos. It is build on a gorge, on a high altitude. From early times there were iron mines operating here, abandoned today and still visible from the gorge on the right of the village.

The village got it’s present form during the middle ages. For security reasons the houses were build close to each other. On the old house that still remain, one can see “fourousia” on the balconies and carved ceilings, examples of a brilliant architecture and economic vigor.

Until 1926 there were three monasteries of Agio Oros in the area. Those of Karakalou, Ksiropotamou and Stavronikita. Due to close relationship developed between the area and Agio Oros, many testaments and information have been saved concerning the area during the Byzantine era. Interesting is the legend surrounding the name of the area: one story talks about the many mulberries that named the village, while another one talks about two Maria’s, only survivors of a pirate raid during which the entire population of the village was slaughtered.

Today, the village is very quiet with not much of a tourist development. Still, it remains very scenic and perhaps the only village you can get peace and quiet, if that is what you seek. The small cafe in the center of the village, under the everlasting mulberry, is on of my favorites.

12klm from the village, by the sea, next to the location which the minerals from the mines were loaded, developed the village of Skala Marion.
A scenic fishermen village, build next to the sea waves with plenty of quiet, many good taverns, fresh fish and seafood, rented rooms with ocean view, a majestic sunset, and on the backside, on the village’s exit, the most beautiful, non-commercialized beach of Thassos: Aspas (or Atspas), a small oblong paradise for those who don’t enjoy commercialized beaches.

Maries is the answer of natural beauty to the organized industrial tourism of spectacles and paid services. Discover it!


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