Kalirachi-Skala Kalirachi

Kalirachi is one of the oldest villages in Thassos. The highland Kalirachi was built when the inhabitants left the old village “Kaki Rachi” during the years when the pirates’ threat was eliminated. It is situated in a beautiful site on a hills’ slope, among olive trees. The houses are built according to the traditional Thassian architecture, where most characteristic are the narrow serpentine streets of the village (in which you can hardly pass by car), ideal for walking. It is definitely one of the most picturesque villages on Thassos.

The climate is dry and mild, both in winter and summertime. Here you can visit the Folklore Museum which is lodged in a beautiful landmark built in 1880 and which is host to many popular treasures of the island.

In a distance of 2.5 – 3 km beside the sea is situated Scala Kalirachi. In the beginning, as all Scalas in the island, it was the site of small waterfront one-room cottages, used for protecting the boats and the fishing outfit of the areas’ fishermen as well as a temporary residence during olive gathering. Later on, with the development of tourism, houses were built which were used as permanent residence. The settlement was increased along the perimetric road of the island rather quickly.

Today, there is no any special touristic development in Kalirachi, however there are a lot of rooms for rent, cafes and taverns. During the last years the port boom was elongated so as the flying dolphins to be able to wharf there (the flying dolphin used to make the route Kavala-Kalirachi-Potos but due to economical predicament of the shipping companies it ceased). In addition, a small marina was built in order to protect the fishing boats from the strong winds; however, according to the authors’ opinion, there has been a small environmental crime: a part of the pebbled seashore of the village (approx 300 m from the villages’ square) was demolished in order to open a dirt road which aimed in protecting a few houses from the sea. Undoubtedly, a more thorough and less hasty study would bring the same result without the aesthetic tragedy which was conduced

In the exit of the village towards Limenaria, lays the small settlement “Klisma”, known for the marvelous pebbled beach and the good taverns which offer fresh fish.

Get out of the hotels and travel around the island! Kalirachi is a place which will recompense yo