Sotiros-Skala Sotiros

In a distance of 3 klm from Skala Prinou, we find Skala Sotira, built along a beautiful and peaceful beach. An installation of bathhouse dated back to the later roman times was discovered here. Under the church courtyard remain ruins of a prehistoric settlement that date back to the early copper age.

Passing through the village, even if you don’t stop to explore, which I don’t recommend, you should definitely make a stop at the bakery to buy probably the best bread you’ll find in Thassos.

Even though the village doesn’t have much tourist development, over the last years many restaurants and bars have opened by the sea, making Sotiras very appealing for an evening excursion.

 From here, a 3klm road takes us to the mountain village of Sotiras, in an altitude of 380 meters, on the foothills of mount Psario. A visitor can see numerous small chapels on the side of the road throughout the ride.

The village is known for it’s fine, mild and dry climate that preserves intact all the classic houses of the village, the old church and the 1888 fountain that lies in the central square. Truly, the highland village of Sotiras is the one with the less interventions, which makes it one of the most classic and attractive villages to visit. And finally, the well known to all gourmets cafe-tavern on the village square.

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