Natural Resources

Thassos has some of the richest soils between the Aegean islands. Fruits, honey, olives, olive oil and wine are some of the most famous products, not only in Greece, that the island has to offer. The big forest fires in the 80s, destroyed the largest part of the pine forests resulting in the extinction of the wolf and the jackal, whose numbers were already zero. Nowadays in Thassos you can find foxes, hares, badgers and few smaller mammals (May 2010: emails-argue recieved, from local people that they say there are no foxes in island ).

Another interesting fact regarding the fauna of the island is that most of the goats and sheep are free range and found grazing all around the island and especially near the mountainous terrain. Since the large wild mammals are extinct there is abundance in sheep and goat. The Thassos goat is also famous outside the island due to its tasty flavour.

The geology consists of crystallised rocks, marbles, limestone and rich in metals rocks. It is hard to know the origin and the creation of these rocks, due to the metamorphosis they have been under. Therefore the lack of fossils makes it hard to understand the tectonic forces that formed the island.

The 13th of February 1974 was a benchmark date for Thassos and Greece. Exploitable oil was found just outside the Prinos bay.